Endorsements for Somatic Technique

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"A clearly explained, excellently written, and valuable instructional manual. This work is a must for all chiropractors, massage practitioners, and body workers."

Dennis Hertenstein, DC, Santa Rosa, California

"Uncluttered, well-organized, truly a pleasure to read. The work is easy to integrate into my practice. I can do as little or as much of it as I like. My clients love it!"

Charlotte Doerner, CMT, Sacramento, California

"Jim Dreaver’s book, Somatic Technique, is a true gift to manual therapists of all modalities who wish to accomplish greater results with their patients in a shorter amount of time than is often required.

"After first learning this extraordinary technique from Jim Dreaver in the mid-1990s, I was so impressed with the concept that I went back and studied the origins of this work; namely, Moshe Feldenkrais and Thomas Hanna. The essence of these two giants of manual therapy techniques is thoroughly reflected in Dreaver’s Somatic Technique. The principles first espoused by Feldenkrais and later enhanced by the work of Hanna are found to be clearly explained and demonstrated in Dreaver’s book. Both Feldenkrais practitioners and those who have trained in Hanna Somatics will find this material comfortably familiar. For others, it will seem as if a light had suddenly been turned on and illuminated the solution to many muscular dysfunctions that had previously resisted resolution.

"As a result of the clear explanation of the principles and practices employed in Somatic Technique, therapists will be able to achieve outstanding results in the effective treatment of chronic muscle tension while helping the patient to achieve enhanced mind/body awareness.

"Those of you who read, study and practice this work will undoubtedly say what one of my former students, a Chiropractic Physician, said to me after taking the course. He said, “I wish I had known about this technique years ago. I wish every Chiropractor would learn this work.”

Michael McConnell, LMT, CST, NCTMB, Coconut Creek, Florida

"Great work. Like accelerated Feldenkrais. Resolves musculoskeletal problems that nothing else seems to help."

Rico Provasoli, DC, Larkspur, California

"Clear, succinct, and eminently practical... I was delighted to see balanced attention give to the client's emotional issues."

Peter Madill, MD, Sebastopl, California